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Termite Control

Many factors come into play to properly protect your home against termites.  Pro-Tech will provide a complete report specific to your home, complete with a graph that will outline problem areas conditions conducive to termites, and suggestions to improve those conditions.  Photos from the inspection will be provided, showing both the "good", as well as the "not so good", so you can know exactly what is going on within your home.  There is no charge for your inspection.


Commercial termite issues will receive the same quality inspection and service as Residential.  Pro-Tech will work with business owners to keep any business "down time" to a minimum.

      Pest Control

Whether a home or business, no one likes to have unwanted insects around.  Treatment options are available for a variety of pests such as ants, spiders, roaches, centipedes, rodents, wasps, and yellow jackets to name a few.  A thorough inspection will be provided with a detailed plan customized to your home or business.

Bedbug Service

Unfortunately, bedbugs have made a comeback in the last 10 years, after being almost unheard of for the previous 40 years.  A proper inspection is the first step in bedbug control.  Years of training will ensure the best inspection possible and will allow Pro-Tech to provide a treatment plan geared towards bedbug elimination.  If you have been exposed to bedbugs, call right away!

Real Estate Transactions

Pro-Tech will work with both the homeowner and realtor to make for a smooth transition when buying or selling a home.  We will provide a detailed report and graph of the property, and do so in a timely fashion so you are not rushed at time of close.

Moisture Control

Moisture issues in crawl spaces of homes are often not thought about.

Pro-Tech will do a complete inspection of your crawl space, and provide a detailed graph of your home or business, backed up with photos, showing moisture readings, and any areas of concern.  Written recommendations will be provided.

Crawl Space Insulation

Don't let cold floors cause you to turn up the heat!  R-19 Insulation is recommended for crawl spaces in Tennessee.  Let Pro-Tech provide you with this added value to your home and save on your winter fuel costs at the same time.

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